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Why Your Camera Should Always Be With You

Because you never know what might be around that you’ll think makes a really cool picture. Case in point this little, tiny spider on the windshield of my car, after having gone grocery shopping – I had one chance (the light was about to turn green), and my little point-and-shoot that can do a macro focus at 1cm did the job perfectly. One thing it did pick up a tad too well was the dirt on the windshield – which means my car needs a wash (which it got – see last post).

SX110is_20090726 (1 of 79)

And in case you’re wondering – the spider is on the outside of the car – which is why I could think enough to take the picture. It also helped that he was absolutely tiny (far smaller than this picture lets on). As to his well being after the light turned green, I can’t say – all I know is he was no longer attached to the car after the light turned green. (Poor little guy!)

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