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Look What Happened On The Way Home!

The weather forecast said a slight chance of thunderstorms. Well – it was right! During my drive home, I ran in to this:

SX110is_20090730 (12 of 79)

Words really do not do the above pic justice, and the pic does not do the actual thing justice. That thing was spinning, I tell you. Granted, it was dying (It didn’t stay this way long), but STILL – it was a very nasty cloud. The rain was on the windshield was from a very heavy downpour seconds before sighting this thing.

SX110is_20090730 (42 of 79)

Closer to home, the sun broke out and rendered this fantastic scene, with sun beams breaking through the nasty clouds in the distance. And yes, this after another (of several) downpour – as my windshield reveals.

SX110is_20090730 (54 of 79)

And this is looking back at the monster storm. Okay – so it wasn’t that big of one – probably wasn’t even indicated severe at any point in its life cycle. But seriously – it wanted to be worse. (And now I’m attributing feelings, motive, and character to a storm. What’s that say about me?)

SX110is_20090730 (63 of 79)

Another view of the receding storm – you can see some of the high thunderclouds way in the distance. And all that rain? I think my car sure feels like it went through all of it – it definitely got doused enough times to qualify as having a car wash!

Needless to say it was an interesting ride – rain, clouds, sun, rain, clouds, sun, rinse, lather, repeat. I’m just thankful that the storm didn’t have a chance to get nastier, and that it had stopped raining by the time I got home so that I didn’t get drenched!

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  1. Spiders, Storms and Sunshine - what a day!