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Back to Basics: Welcome!

Note: “Back to Basics” is a series consisting of short posts that intend to go back to the basics of photography. Hopefully these articles will be of interest to you – whether you are just beginning in your photography journey, or are an established pro. (View all posts in this series…)


Welcome to the first “Back to Basics” post! This series will cover the basics of photography from exposure to composition in short, bite-size articles. (Well, If anyone knows my penchant for being long-winded, the short part may or may not happen!)

The topics that this series aims to cover are as follows; the list is in no particular order, nor is every topic necessarily guaranteed, and I totally may add some other topics as time goes on.

  • Capturing the Image (the Sensor)
  • Capturing the Light (Exposure)
  • Squeezing the Light (the Aperture)
  • Letting the Light in (the Shutter)
  • Sensitivity to Light (ISO)
  • Measuring the Light (Metering Modes)
  • Positioning the Light (Composition)
  • Rendering the Light (Color and/or lack thereof)
  • Focusing the Light (Focus)
  • Changing Your Perspective (Focal Length, Zooms, Primes)
  • Bending Light Artistically (Bokeh, Depth-of-Field, etc.)
  • And more…

Oh, and just a “geek” moment: the image to the right is just a representation of the programming language I grew up on: Commodore BASIC. Ah, the fond memories of both that computer, and the language, and hence the image. (Back to Basics, get it?)

And with that, I’ll sign-off until the next post! Keep on writing with light!

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