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Trek in a Cemetery

Okay, so this isn’t usually the place that most people go for pictures. But, for some reason, I like cemeteries, and today was a gloomy but warm day, and I just had to go wandering through a cemetery before I did other various errands. These were all taken with my Lensbaby Composer at f/2 using the double-glass optic.

Praying Statue

I love how the Lensbaby lets you direct focus – in this case, on the face of the statue. I also like what it does with the bokeh – there are some interesting shapes back there.

I don’t know why, but this reminds me of a statue without its face. It’s not a statue, though, just the top of a tall tombstone.

This flag was next to a gravestone, and I wondered how it would look from above. This is what I got. The ground this time of year is awful, but the bokeh (plus the processing) makes this appear to be something other than dirt!

The Skeleton Hand
Perhaps a propos regarding my location, this is a tree branch that reminded me of so much more. The green comes from a nice preset in Lightroom – I think this would be a perfect halloween pic, don’t you?

Flag on a Pole
There was a flagpole in the cemetery, and I decided to take the flag from this angle. I think it looks rather interesting!

Red Flowers
Pretty typical for cemeteries, but these flowers are fake. I still like the result, though.

Subatomic Particles
I suspect this makes me think of subatomic particles because I’ve seen one-too-many documentaries on the Large Hadron Collider or some other sort of similar thing, and besides – I happen to like science. Of course, short of a miracle (in more ways than one), this isn’t an actual representation of these miniature elements – instead, there was a…, well, bowl, for lack of a better term, that looked like a nest hanging next to a gravestone, and all this fibrous stuff was in it. With some post processing, voila – the above is the result.
Well, that’s all for now, so until next time,
Keep writing with light!


  1. very nice work. i shoot a lot in cemeteries. maybe too much. you've seemed to master the use of the composer quite nicely for shots taken in a new place.

  2. I really like the way your presented this blog. A photo with a brief description. It really keeps the follower focused on the art of the shot, and the description helps your visitor look again for a peak at your thought process.

    Great Blog!